Caron Micro Defence Foam 50ml


Fast acting for protection and prevention against the spread of germs. Biocide Skin Sanitising Foam is effective against a range of micro-organisms. Safe to use on all parts of the face & body. It does not dry out the skin is non-sting and does not require soap or water.

How does Biocide Skin Sanitising Foam work?

Micro Defence Foam is a contact sanitiser that breaks down the lipids in bacterial cell walls leading to bacterial cell death. This allows the active ingredients to penetrate the cell wall of the pathogen thereby killing it. Most other sanitisers kill pathogens by toxic poisoning which may have adverse effects on both therapist and client.

-Safe to use on all skin types and all parts of the face & body
-Alcohol & Chlorine free killing 99.99% of all germs without irritation
-Can be used frequently to fight against the spread of germs
-No soap or water required
-2hr protection

Please note: Micro Defence Foam contains Benzalkonium Chloride with an active concentration of 0.1%w/v. Various studies have looked at the efficacy of Benzalkonium Chloride and demonstrated its advantages in hand sanitisers however it has not been specifically tested against Covid-19 because such testing is not available at this time.

Application: Ready to use! Simply apply 1-2 pumps onto dry skin and rub until dry. Do not rinse and repeat as required.


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