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Your Most Common Questions Answered

What are men's hair clippers?

Men's hair clippers are electric or battery-powered tools for cutting and trimming hair. They consist of a handle, a motor and a set of cutting blades — typically made of stainless steel. Some men's hair clippers have additional features, such as adjustable speed settings, ergonomic designs and noise-reducing technology, making them more comfortable to hold and easier to use. Whether you love a buzz cut, fade or taper trim, our hair clippers come with various attachments that allow you to adjust the length of the hair you want to cut, so you can create a grooming routine that works for you. For extra convenience, these attachments can be removed, cleaned or replaced when they become dull.

What is the difference between hair clippers and hair trimmers?

Men’s hair clippers and hair trimmers are both electric grooming tools designed for cutting and trimming hair, but they differ in several ways:
  • Blade size — Hair clippers have larger blades and are designed for cutting hair to a shorter length. On the other hand, hair trimmers have smaller blades and are mainly used for trimming and shaping hair, such as sideburns or beards.
  • Design — Hair clippers are larger and heavier, meaning they’re best for cutting large sections of hair at once. Conversely, hair trimmers are smaller and lighter and are designed for more precise and detailed work.
  • Motor power — Men’s hair clippers have more powerful motors and can cut through thicker hair easily. Conversely, hair trimmers have less power and are designed for finer detailing work.

How often should I replace the blades on my men's hair clipper?

As a general rule of thumb, if your hair clipper blades are dull, nicked or damaged, these are tell-tale signs it’s time to replace them. To prolong your blades' life, clean them regularly and use a disinfectant spray.