Self Tanning Products

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If you’re after the perfect sun-kissed glow, look no further than Salon Direct for the best professional and at-home self-tanning products. We offer a wide range of top-quality self-tan solutions that will leave you or your clients feeling confident and looking radiant. With our exceptional self-tanning products and competitive prices, you can elevate your tanning solutions and enjoy a bronzed glow for days to come. 


Your Most Common Questions Answered

What types of self-tanning products does Salon Direct offer?

At Salon Direct, we offer various self-tanning products, including mousses, self-tanning lotions, sprays, mousses and tanning mitts. We cater to various skin tones to give you a natural-looking tan.

How can I choose the right self-tanning product for my skin type?

Each product on our site has a detailed description so you can easily locate which self-tanning product best suits your skin type and desired look. For additional support, please contact our team.

How long does a tan from self-tanning products last?

How long your tan lasts can vary depending on the product, your skin type and how well you maintain it. To enhance your tan, opt for our tan-boosting drops to boost your tan’s depth of colour.