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Discover nourishing massage oils with skin-enhancing benefits

No massage routine is complete without soothing oils and lotions that allow for better glide and control while offering moisturising benefits to nourish and hydrate parched skin. Discover our collection online today if you’re looking for scented hand and foot massage oils or non-scented body massage oils made from natural ingredients. We have a huge range of high-quality, lightly textured formulas enriched with natural ingredients like jojoba and grapeseed oil to offer skin-rejuvenating benefits. 

The perfect addition to any deep tissue massage, our range of magnesium oils and body massage oils will help supercharge muscle recovery and reduce cramping — so your clients can leave your salon feeling refreshed, recharged and pain-free. 

Shop our non-greasy, easily-absorbed range of formulas online today and review our FAQs if you have any concerns. Alternatively, you’re welcome to contact the friendly team at Salon Direct

Your Most Common Questions Answered

What are massage oils, and how are they used in a salon setting?

A massage oil is a liquid specifically formulated with nourishing natural ingredients to provide lubrication and glide during massage therapy. Massage oils are typically made from carrier oils, which are easily absorbed into the skin, with the added therapeutic benefit of essential oils.
In salons, body massage oils are used by therapists during treatment to provide a smooth, frictionless glide over the skin. They’re usually applied in small amounts, and depending on your client’s preferences, you may choose a scented or unscented formula. If you’re performing a deep tissue massage, you may opt for magnesium oil to help reduce pain as you work on the muscles more deeply and effectively.

What are the benefits of using massage oils during a massage?

Using a body massage oil during a massage can provide a range of benefits, including:
  • Improved glide and hand control — Massage oils allow therapists to work on the muscles and soft tissue without pulling or tugging at dry skin.
  • Therapeutic benefits — Some massage oils are infused with essential oils, which can help relieve stress while improving circulation and promoting a more relaxing experience.
  • Reduced friction — Massage oils can reduce friction during the massage, making it more comfortable for the client and easier for the therapist to perform deep tissue techniques.
  • Hydration — Our massage oils and magnesium oils contain skin-loving ingredients and natural botanicals that can help moisturise the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth after application.