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From balayage to highlights and in-salon root touch-ups, we offer an expansive range of quality hair bleach powders you can mix with a developer or activator to create the perfect shade. 

Your Most Common Questions Answered

How does hair bleach powder work?

Hair bleach powder uses chemical agents — typically hydrogen peroxide and ammonia — to break down and eventually lighten the natural pigments in the hair shaft. The process of lightening the hair with bleach powder is also known as ‘oxidative bleaching’. It's important to note that hair bleach can cause dryness, damage and severe breakage when misused, so our hair bleach powders are recommended for professional hairdressers with experience performing these lightening services in-salon.

Can hair bleach powder be used on all hair types?

While hair bleach can technically be used on all hair types, some people may be more resistant to the colour-lightening process. In general, it is easier to bleach hair that is naturally light in colour, such as blonde or light brown. Naturally dark hair or hair that has been previously dyed may need a stronger powder bleach solution to achieve the same results, which could cause the hair to become dry, brittle and prone to breakage.

What is the difference between hair bleach powder and hair dye?

Hair bleach powder — which contains hydrogen peroxide and ammonia — is used to lighten the hair's natural colour by removing the pigment from the hair shaft and breaking down the natural melanin pigment. Hair dye, on the other hand, is used to change the colour of the hair by depositing colour pigments into the hair shaft. This process is generally less damaging to the hair than bleach powder.