Wella has been a front runner in the hair care industry for over 125 years.
The Wella System Professional we use scientifically backed research to produce a product line that is both visually appealing and smells great. The Wella brand is well known for producing top of the line product. All of the products are formulated to be used to meet individual needs. 

System Professional combines state of the art technology solutions and precision with a revolutionary offer: the first truly personalised service taking hair care to a new level. Wella SP’s innovative formulas are fully combinable to create a treatment as unique as you are.

  • Wella SP (System Professional),one of the most successful and innovative salon brands ever, is an inspiration to stylists around the globe.
  • Wella SP is designed so that everyone is able to create salon-professional hair masterpieces.
  • Wella SP helps protect against the stresses of the day and night, tailored for all hair types.
  • Wella SP is an everyday range that caters for all.

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