Solid Wax

Solid depilatory waxes

Long lasting elasticity with the ability to remove short, fine hair gives Beauty Therapists the edge. Organically formulated, incorporating pure refined Australian beeswax, our technologically superior version of this age-old epilation method is available in six varieties. Regarded by many technicians as being more suitable for sensitive areas of the face, underarm and bikini area.

All solid waxes are available in 1kg quattro packs (8 x 125g tablets).


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Natural Look Aloe Vera Affair Solid Wax 1kg
Aloe Vera Affair Wax   Professional Use Only Refreshing waxing with olive oil. ..
Ex Tax: $25.75
Natural Look Apricot Velvet Solid Wax 1kg
Apricot Velvet Cream Wax   Professional Use Only   Nourishing depilator..
Ex Tax: $25.75
Natural Look Azulene Pearl Solid Wax 1kg
Azulene Pearl Wax   Professional Use Only   Gentle face and body wax ..
Ex Tax: $25.75
Natural Look Eucalypt Australis Solid Wax 1kg
Eucalypt Australis Solid Wax   Professional Use Only   Exclusively desi..
Ex Tax: $26.75
Natural Look Passion Delux Solid Wax 1kg
Passion   Professional Use Only   Deluxe XXX waxing   Delu..
Ex Tax: $26.75
Natural Look Platinum Pearl Solid Wax 1kg
Platinum Pearl Wax   Professional Use Only   Opulent brazilian waxing. ..
Ex Tax: $26.75
Natural Look Silver Sensation Solid Wax 1kg
Limited Offer! Save $5.55   Professional Use Only Professional organic XXX formu..
Ex Tax: $16.95
Natural Look Solid Gold Wax 1kg
Solid Gold Wax   Professional Use Only   Deluxe organic waxing. Sui..
Ex Tax: $23.75
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